What has happened to ‘compassionate Britain’?

Attitudes towards refugee children by some sections of the media and some politicians in post-EU referendum Britain have raised concerns about the decline of traditional British compassionate culture. Only a handful of the promised 200 unaccompanied refugee children who have relatives here came to Britain from the refugee camp known as the “jungle” before last … Continue reading

Why are xenophobic campaigns winning?

There is a genuine sense of disenfranchisement towards political establishments in the western world, but unfortunately people’s anger and frustrations are leading to voting patterns that are deeply worrying for those who believe in equality, justice and freedom. Last week, a political earthquake struck the most influential nation in the world, and the whole world … Continue reading

The media needs to be more informed about religions

With ever increasing media interests about religions, particularly Islam, it is important that journalists realise the importance of knowing more about religions before reporting on them. In my recently published book Religion in the Media: A Linguistic Analysis (Palgrave Macmillan), which is being launched in London tomorrow, 16th November, it was clearly evident that the … Continue reading

Collective Efforts Needed To Ensure Fair Media Portrayals Of Muslims

In the current climate of rising Islamophobia, the stakes for a collective effort by academics, journalists and the Muslim community to ensure fair, accurate and sensitive media coverage of British Muslims could not be higher. Islam, particularly British Muslims are at the forefront of our national conversation – be it terrorism perpetrated by or against … Continue reading